Partial Submergence


Give her
her mer
-maid back, a slow-waved
clack, an isostatic equal
-ibrium born of unglaciated
time and

Some small seismi
-city carved from coastal.

(Preferably some time
before she goes



Awesome word list from my Shawna has hopefully kick-started the muse back up. We’ll see. Life intervenes right now…

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4 Responses to Partial Submergence

  1. Plum says:


    “Give her partial submergence.” Yes, please do. And, “Give her party-all submergence.” 😉 Plus, the way you left “her mer” on its own line leads me to hear “Give her murmur.” There’s also “humor” in there. And please, oh please, give her her maid back! She’s tired of doing all the hard work by herself. 🙂

    Ooh, “slow-waved clack.” I like that. Click clack moo. Or as I wrote once, click clack moon.

    “an isostatic equal clack” LOVE! (“See lack” is in there too. That’s also probably a variation of lilac: sealac. It’s a shade of purple that only exists for you.)

    “born of unglaciated ibrium” Are you kiddin’ me?! That’s awesome. So because of the “clack” sound above, this becomes un-glack-I-ate-it / I-be-rum (or I be wry um). Yes, ma’am. Wry Um, all the way.

    “time and” becomes “tie me, and …” But also give me enough space. I’m not into bars of any sort, so let’s make that “bare.” Bare space. Space in which to be bare. Don’t crowd me, but let me be myself in front of you.

    Some small-size me. Love. 🙂 Also “seize me.” And “sigh; it’s me.”

    I would really appreciate it if you would go post-all. I can’t get enough of your poems. 🙂

  2. I hope you get your mermaid back full time soon.
    Love, love the word play here!

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