I only want to write first lines.

draw you in,
then leave you

set a stage,
cast a phrase
then hold
my tired tongue.

give me a quill,
love. i’ll fill a fraction
of the page, thrill
you with

a thousand
of just
……a dozen
or so
………..words each.



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4 Responses to I only want to write first lines.

  1. Lovely
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  2. 🙂 This reminds me of people who are full of ideas… but never have the drive to follow through. Love that title! I suppose that one could become a master at first lines though – you could make it an art unto itself.

  3. coca-cola girl says:


    Novel-Swords Each?!

    That is fantastic. You are a clever girl. Each of your tiny novels will be a sword. Brilliant, dear.

  4. habiwabi says:

    Love this! Definitely speaks to me.

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