To Whom, Stones

We are empty veins,
ghost and granite names,
tabled flesh;

weight of fear and howl
circled through
wrought iron tears.




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3 Responses to To Whom, Stones

  1. Well, I see the cemetery here… I love that second stanza.

  2. Shawna says:

    Awesome! Love that title. To Warm Stones. To Whim Stones. Oh, now I see it: To Home, Stones. That’s what you meant. This is a communion poem. You are taking communion, leaving it all at the altar, and telling the stones to go home (the ones people were throwing at you, and the ones you’ve been throwing at yourself). Also, there’s a reference to the stone being rolled away. Jesus has risen and is alive and well (especially in your heart). The stone’s home is covering the empty tomb. Maybe when you accept that the tomb is really empty and Jesus has been relocated inside of you, then your veins will begin to fill back up with blood and you will feel resurrected yourself.

    Wrought iron tears. Wow. That’s heavy. (Pun intended, as always.) And an apt description.

  3. Jae Rose says:

    What a solid and powerful poem…every image so finely tuned it shivers through my spine

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