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… He reads her like the neck of a guitar, the syllables of a song he has always known; the tilt of a note played strong. He stills her smaller storms as rests, treble clefs trembled, raised places for hungry … Continue reading

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after the chickpea

… (post-hummus-ly), we dip into more important things; spring, and the way it tastes on our skin, silence and the stories it breathes true. we award ourselves ever -after names, the consolation prizes of never-always, and the de -composition of … Continue reading


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Listing Slightly to the Left

… I have here in my hand a list of demands: The universe is somewhat dismayed by our lack of ability to turn the corners of our mouths skyward. Keep all appendages in -side the ride, and ignore the rearview … Continue reading

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… This is the thing she has been wanting ……..(waiting) to say, this is the still-stung song of un -silence, the violence of things at last felled and felt. This is the holy grail, the flail and fail of fragment, … Continue reading

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