He reads her
like the neck
of a guitar, the syllables
of a song
he has always known;
the tilt of a note
played strong.

He stills her smaller storms
as rests, treble clefs
raised places
for hungry fingers.

Her name is a speckled
code unseen,
a loose
wished between

prompted by Quickly.



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10 Responses to Braille

  1. Oh…this is beauty…it speaks in a quiet way and a visual way…your second stanza is sound play magic. Enjoyed this, De. 🙂

  2. Wow. This is spicy! Gorgeous! And it could go either way; the “he” could be Justin or God.

    “the tilt of a note
    played strong”

    In the above, I really liked that the rhyme made me anticipate “wrong” rather than “strong.” Those who love us and know us best know and love our strengths and our weaknesses.

  3. billgncs says:

    in his arms, she shall never fret

  4. Kir Piccini says:

    Such sensuality in these words…just loved this.

  5. This is just beautiful!

  6. drnurit says:

    So soft, sensual, serene, special…

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