Whirled: Peace

The sting’s the thing,
see? We trip on our own
two feet, trample our own un
-kneaded skin. We begin
to make
wind our clocks
forward, back,
keeping track
of just exact
-ly what?

We plant seeds
and wait, hate the drive
and love the destination,
images of quiet places
and slower sky begging
us to join the club. We
schlub our fears around
like luggage without lift;
hold our breaths
and forget to remember



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3 Responses to Whirled: Peace

  1. Shawna says:

    Beautiful: “images of quiet places
    and slower sky”

    I don’t know why, but I first read the closing as “coffins shift.” 🙂

  2. “contents shift” – I love that.
    “begging / us to join the club” – that is at the heart of many of our worries. There are good things about community and belonging, but there is also a lot of pressure to be doing what everyone else is doing. “schlub our fears around” – that is so true.
    This is very philosophical.

  3. Sara v says:

    Hi De! Thank you for your wonderful words, love that play on words at the end. Gotta watch out for the contents ;-). Thank you for the compliments on my blog too. Love to you ❤

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