Sevenling (made up of marble, mud)


If my name is
Ishmael, Jezebel, mud,
how then shall I build this house?

Sticks and straw
are fleeting, and my bleeding brick
heart is worn.

Will you trade me your best
aggie for this blue and green orb?


Quickly prompted.


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2 Responses to Sevenling (made up of marble, mud)

  1. Lacy J says:

    I love this!

    Of course this is about A&M.

    Poor girl, asking for a lowercased name (aggie). And feeling like an Agatha, goodness. That’s never a good day. But I think she just wants to be small and hide in a corner, away from all her jobs.

    I can’t stop reading the first stanza.

    “blue and green orb” … This is so smart, the way you describe the marble AND the earth here. Now “aggie” is code for “angel.” Oh wait, and it’s reminding me of Iggy’s song “Fancy,” so you’re saying you just want to stop working so hard, trying to “build your house” and live for family and DANCE! You have a song to release, sister, and all the work of life is messing with your mojo. You’re pretty tired of it, really. You still love God and you want your core to be right, but man, you just want to dance! Life should be fun, not all responsibility.

    “A wise woman build her house, while a foolish one tears hers down.” Or something like that. I think this is in your heart. The contrast of your own personal desires and your need to be a good mommy/wife/etc.

  2. Well, I’m guessing the blue and green orb is not much in the way of building material. Or perhaps it just represents the earth and how we attempt to build so much but really not much of ourselves at all.

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