The fault in our scars

is that the lines
are blurred, the places
and sorry,
paths unclear.

Our crooked
skin is not enough
to hide our sin or ease
our pain, or hold our

These small etched
places are insufficient
spaces for suffering.

Until you hold your
breath and carry the one,
no soul
…………can sing.

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4 Responses to The fault in our scars

  1. Shawna says:

    Love that title. I haven’t read or seen its namesake.


    “the lines
    are blurred, the places
    and sorry”

    “Our crooked
    skin” … Our crooked’s kin.

    spaces for suffering”

  2. “is that the lines/ are blurred” – that’s my whole problem literally and figuratively! “carry the one” – that’s true.

  3. Susan says:

    A painful poem …a scar…a story? where is the sin? It is a feeling only and nothing is only, nothing is possible. For me, you capture it. I liked theJohn Green book. I cried and in a way lifted up to fly.

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