New Math



Unless you’re referring
to a baker’s dozen, or one
of them is one of those
sneaky integers.

And then, of course,
there’s the question why?

And the breaking down
of each into its lowest common de

And factors factor in there
somewhere, too. I don’t know. You
lost me. I ran out of fingers

and can no longer


Prompted by Quickly.


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5 Responses to New Math

  1. Brilliant! I love where your muse took you for this one, De!! And I love how your name appears in there, too! 🙂

  2. Why is what always gets me!

  3. Shawna says:

    nominators = no, mine ate hers
    breaking down = emotionally

    That hanging “Still” at the beginning is a reminder to “Be still and know that I am God.”

    If you think of disciples, 12 + 12 equals a lot more than 24 … especially if they’re “right.”

    LOVE the hidden refer comment. Ha! Unless you’re high. Hilarious. 🙂

    I don’t know. YOU somewhere too. (That’s God. You know He’s got this situation, but you’re heart is feeling floppy and faithless.)

    I ran out of fin-grrrs: Lost Me (you and that mermaid aren’t connecting enough, so you feel lost)

    Oh, and your title hides “Knew Math” … once upon a time. But now they’ve gone and changed everything, so it’s hard to help your kiddo. And maybe the twelves have something to do with age. I know I have a 12-year-old, and I’m wondering how in the world 12 and 12 are ever going to add up to 24. Sometimes it feel’s like we’re regressing more than we’re growing, if you know what I mean.

    Ha. A baker’s dozin’. 🙂

    “or one” … One is always God. And if you’re talking about God, well there are no rules. He can make anything add up to anything. Or He can make nothing add up to something.

    “sneaky in-tigers” … Some of us have a tiger inside that we’re hiding, which is probably how you feel as Mommy right about now.

    I LOVE “breaking down” … A down blanket. This means you just want to go to sleep, and hard. And it also means you want to shred something, even if it’s your favorite blanket.

    “lowest common De” … There have been times when you’ve felt like something special. But right now, you’re feeling mediocre. Maybe even less than average.

    “factors” = “face tours” … Sometimes this is what you have to do to get through life. Show the world a tour of faces. Put on your nicest faces for a teacher, perhaps.

    “Lost me, I ran out of fingers” … You’re even having trouble praying about this situation.

    “and can no longer” … “can” could mean “butt” or “trash can.” Either way, you know you can’t sit on your butt OR throw this difficult situation (or math papers/assignments) in the trash. You’re going to have to face this standing up, and head-on.

    touch = chout (shout), cheat, cooth, cut ho :), cut oh

    can no longer touch … you do best with hands-on methods of teaching math, but that’s not how they’re teaching it now

    can no longer touch my toes … can no longer touch my twos … you’re trying to use a calculator, but you can’t even hit the right buttons

    Also, you broke the ending up like that to emphasize that you’re stretching really hard, but you just can’t quite bend over far enough. You’re feeling old. 😦

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