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Harry Wants a Heffalump

… (he’s feeling a little woozy) He’s in a nonstop writing slump, and this one is a doozy. Harry wants a heffalump, not a ferret nor a frog. He’s had it with cat-astrophes and can’t get his dog to blog. … Continue reading

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…. We’ve left our stamps and coins and dead butterfly wings by the side of the road ………………..for dead. We’ve no more room for pages and pages and pages of scraps, framed and frozen moments …………………..spent. We’re bent and broken … Continue reading


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Night Song

…. We sleep in tongues, interpreters notwithstanding, paint indigo crosses in search of new be -ginnings. Your last dream was stolen wild by sunshine, rain, smashed clay po(e)ts cracking. Our greatest powers lie in these smithereened places, crescent scars under … Continue reading

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Vigil for Winter

.. “Must I hold a candle to my shames?”  – The Merchant of Venice   … These stars are Roman candles to my scars, splitting this sky wide open with lust -er. My crippled hands are crocuses, poking up through … Continue reading

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