Me, Op

This poem is an in
-solent soul dressed
in a silk kimono, a
puzzle with
a missing
piece. This poem is a
sardonic hag eating
sardines straight
while listening
to the Batman theme.
This poem is a meme
with an audible moan,
a theme with no sum
-mary or song.

This poem will pry
you loose from
the ledge, then take
you higher and bid

This poem will stay
too long in the corridor,
lift itself up to ceiling, and
set off the smoke
alarms. This poem

will drift
too long
along the seven
seas and forget it’s
not a pirate. Adjectives

This poem is private.
This poem is too public
to be quiet, too loud
to be heard. Absurd,
this poem is. Velocity
and change and stag
-nant sway. An ocean,
a river, a muddy puddle,
a cesspool of phrase. This


is lonely.

Won’t you please



Prompted by mindlovemiserysmenagerie.




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10 Responses to Me, Op

  1. I saw this list and love how your brain made it a lovely meandering. Way too long, if you’re not a pirate. 🙂 The playfulness makes me happy. I imagine a small child rambling these things; too irresistible to not be his friend.

  2. billgncs says:

    A bite of sardine, a bite of cheese ( orange orange cheddar ), and a bit of cracker. Solitude isn’t so bad some times.

  3. julespaige says:

    Ah… the stag…(nant)
    – I see the stag in full antler wait in the fog to take us all away…
    So often to private and public at the same time – true antics indeed.

  4. Wasn’t this poem originally titled, “this poem?” It’s like a little kid making trouble and you can’t catch up with it either! Anyway, I’m puzzling over the title, Me, Op. Sort of like Be Bop, but Me Op?
    Or “Op” is a brand of shorts my mom would never buy me because they were too expensive.??
    Anyway, I love the images in this and the meandering already noted!

    • whimsygizmo says:

      There’s a whole ‘nother, similar one called that. 😉

      “Me, Op” is poem spelled backwards. Also, Me, “O.P.” (which in cyber land is Original Poster.)

      • I just got to the real “this poem” – sorry for the goof!
        And I should have seen that, of course. I was just stuck on those shorts I could never get 🙂

  5. whimsygizmo says:

    Heehee. I remember Op brand. TOTALLY. My mom always made me go in halfsies. 😉 Also Guess, the one with the triangle on the back pocket. So tight I had to lie down to zip them.

  6. Cressida says:

    Love absurd poems…images such as hags eating sardines from the can and poems setting off smoke alarms in the corridor are clever and quirky …A smiler !

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