S(hr)ink to Fit


We watch the wind sink
into the sea, pulled
by swollen moon.

The sky is a bruised bumble
-bee, stung by silence, crim
-son song.

How shall we
count the tears
that have salted
these sands? In
teaspoons, thimbles,
snapdragon smiles?

I have run out of fin
-gers, toes, elbows,
wanting only some
place to sink
my breezy soul.




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4 Responses to S(hr)ink to Fit

  1. julespaige says:

    I’m just looking for warmer daze… and a squirrel proof bird feeder..
    Came looking for a different entry, but as always your words have a unique tug all their own 🙂

  2. billgncs says:

    it has the feel of the sea and waves

  3. “snapdragon smiles” – I love this.
    “pulled / by swollen moon”
    I guess she’s going to sink down with the mermaids.

  4. Lerene Forte says:

    Oh my, you’re too good at this!

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