breathing small

a wee snail
on a blade of green;
life slowed down
to a pace
I can sync with my heart’s beat.
morning peace: complete.




a shadorma, prompted by margo roby.

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8 Responses to breathing small

  1. margo roby says:

    Utterly lovely. I felt my own heart slowing as I read.

  2. Shawna says:


  3. I agree with all of the above, and wish I could see snails more often. I think I told you about our experience with snails in my daughter’s aquarium (these were under-water snails). Slow-moving, but lightning-bolt at reproducing!

  4. My, what a nice slowing down moment. Never have considered a snail in that fashion before, but I will now.

  5. My heart slows and rejoices in this sweet small beat, too…beautiful poem, De!

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