An Abundance of Blue


In 1986, it was eye shadow.
mascara. Liner. All in various
shades of Electric Boogaloo Blue.

We’d paint our changing faces
under an AquaNet fog, clog
our pores with Cover
Girl because Christie Brinkley
said so. Today I know

a different shade of shadow:
the way a stone turns the
Lake into turquoise cobalt
aqua; the way God pulls his
indigo shade at dusk. These
are hues I can cling to, sing
to, bring to a grateful heart
that sees the world
through brighter eyes.


quickly prompted.

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6 Responses to An Abundance of Blue

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    I don’t usually wear much make up, bc it (the blue eyeshadow) bc a) I have freckles and I think that could be sort of like makeup and b) I have green eyes so blue clashes.

  2. I was with you there in 1986 with the aqua net and gobs of make-up. Geez Louise! And when I see girls going through the same thing I think how silly it all is – but they won’t listen any more than I would have listened to anyone trying to tell me!
    And I love the last stanza here – instead of all the stuff that clung to us, yes… we find it’s so much more important to find people, things, and ideas that are sturdy enough for us to cling to.

  3. I’m a green-eyes girl who wore blue mascara too 💚 No regrets

  4. Lerene Forte says:

    Oh my, LOVE all the blues–and the whole poem, of course.

  5. habiwabi says:

    Beautiful. Absolutely love this. May have something to do with the fact that I love the colour blue, nice to have it appreciated 😉

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