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… She’s an island of jazz records sung, trumpet and drums that thrum like a hum -mingbird with three hearts. She’s all indoor fins and endorphins revved and ready, treading water and sweating salt, defunct humanity at war, waiting. Stay … Continue reading

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Moving Parts

(Repair Work)   .. I’ll click, you clack; some trick to get back to what we once were. I’ll stall, you stay; we’ll fall in love that way, with a whisper and a whir.     ..

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I Sing the Body

And if the body were not the soul, what is the soul? – Walt Whitman .. Are we not sinew, chamber, skin and sigh -lence, slice of moon and sun’s golden violence spit-shined into daily sway? Are we not bone … Continue reading

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De:us Ex Machina

.. Cue the giant claw, enter stage left, to rescue her from his clutches. Cue the rush of raw tears. Cue the thrush of long years against tired skin. Cue the begin again, enter stage right, fight for something greater … Continue reading

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