grief, I had not missed you.

your coming like a freight train
to the chest in the dark, sparks
flying. your saltwater searing
dive into the depths of ebony
pit, silence. your departure:
a long slow flight, canceled
and rescheduled, an over
-night stay at the airport,
hours of unknowing.

this time, you’ve whirred,
like hollow boned wings. soft.
a fluttering in my chest. a missed
kiss. a craving unmet. a last
ash turned dusty gray, settling
for a quiet place on new soil.



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5 Responses to egress

  1. Shawna says:

    This is exactly my emotional state right now: ” into the depths of ebony pit, silence.” A head first dive into this.

  2. Dusty Writes says:

    Wow, this is fine.

  3. A great description of grief – how it comes at you unscheduled. “hollow boned wings, soft” – this is a superb description. And the title is great as well. If only it would be a permanent egress.

  4. wonderful words and imagery in this, De. Grief certainly does come unscheduled with no preparation.

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