So long, how ya been?


I am in
-finitely busy collecting
the comings and goings
of snails, trails of slime
spread far and wide. I
am enamored of the buzz
-iness of bees, honeyed
hallowed hum and thrum
of wings. See? Un
-hurried, no scurry or fury
or fuel for infinite fires. They
burn only daylight. Even
the sun knows when to
sleep, keep in time with
only lonely tides and shift
-ing sand. My hands are
holding sorrow and salt
at bay, sway of sky in
indigo pools for swimming
(suits me fine.)
Dive along the edge or
flow to bottom, lifted; there
are multiple exits here
at the front, center, rear.

Be. Wear.
Content(ment)s may have shifted.


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4 Responses to So long, how ya been?

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    I on’t like snails/escargot. i do love shrimp and lobster.. 😉

  2. I like your opening – “in – finitely busy” and the idea of how lovely it would be to forever scout the trails of snails and the buzz of bees. (suits me fine) – I know that’s true!

  3. Shawna says:


    the comings and goings
    of snails”


    “infinite fires”

    the sun knows when to
    sleep” … Okay, now this makes me want to write. One of my favorite ways to write a poem is to slip in something profound amidst all the other language play and such. Something that speaks very loudly and makes you ponder it all day. One of our biggest problems as humans is not sleeping enough.

    “My hands are
    holding sorrow and salt” … These are the best cries. Sobbing into your hands.

    “sway of sky in
    indigo pools for swimming
    (suits me fine.)” … I’m picturing the sway as your actual swimsuit. This is awesome.

    “bottom, lifted” … Your behind. 🙂 Or the bottom piece of your bikini. The bottom half of the “sway of sky” … Your suit itself (the sky warbling around in an indigo pool. The sky itself is your suit; I just can’t get enough of this picture.

    Be Wear. That is just brilliant. Be what you’re wearing. Wear what you are. Be yourself, naked, unashamed. Wear the sky. Wear God. Contents may have shifted makes me think of how our bodies change as we age. But the thing about wearing the sky and/or God as your clothing, is that it will always fit … no matter how your body changes. This is just brilliant, really. I love the way you ended this. And yes, our contentments do shift, don’t they? We’re always trying to get them back in the right spots.

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