small talk

you wanted me to smile
so you told me Jupiter was just
of Mars, just
of  ………….Uranus.

you’d measured it in moon
spoons. i had no idea
you were quite
so celestial.

is she made of blue
or solid rock?
our stroganoff
got cold
while we
pondered this.

then you crossed
…….my teas
and starred my
and sealed it
with a kiss.




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4 Responses to small talk

  1. “you’d measured it in moon spoons” Love that. I also love your ending. Your small talk is as big as the night sky. Beautiful

  2. Vince Gotera says:

    “then you crossed / my teas / and starred my / eyes” … love the puns! Nice.

  3. This is a very romantic poem. Small talk with the biggest impact.

  4. Shawna says:

    This is precious. It was so effective to entitle this “small talk” so that we know from the beginning that this is a parent hanging out with a child. The “Uranus” part makes me think it’s probably a 12-year-old son. 🙂 Then you “crossed” … he’s pouting or having a fit about something, but maybe he’s just playing, since you followed with “my teas(e).” By the end, he’s kissing you. It is so back-and-forth, isn’t it? ~The love/hate relationship. I am so tired of hearing my kids scream “You hate me!” every time I do/say something they don’t like. But I do love those smooches at the end of it all. 🙂

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