Crowing Gerunds

Preceding season,
the nesting crow
(markings of gray and brown)
hearing the gulls assemble
waiting, expectant
eating the body
opening in the rock
opening in a forest
(feasting) upon a sage
sprouting corn,

investigating a haunch
sloping crevice
beetling cliff;
trying to lodge the foundations.

Dismounting, I led –
Weeping beside the road.



Still following Margo over to PoMoSco, where today we are invited to play with syntactical relationships in a source text. All of my phrases are from The Book of Birds, copyright 1939, pages 102-104.


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4 Responses to Crowing Gerunds

  1. margo roby says:

    I love where you were able to go with this. It shows what happens when the constraint works with the poem!

  2. The last line is very deep.

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