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The Abecedarian Crew Arrives on the Scene

.. always breathe. careful, don’t elude fast grace. hollow icicles jingle; kangaroos like many noodles of prayer. quiet! resist syllables that undulate. verily, we’ll xeriscape your zoo.   .. Still dabbling over at NaPoWriMo. I’ve never been able to cultivate … Continue reading


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snuffle clopping

(a focus plan for circle time) .. noisy words sound heard when an ovine opines (clop. echo. snuffle.) – cold words running after my hat. thinking briefly at the hobbit’s pockets, the moon chaser minotaur, extremely good at getting things … Continue reading

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Howl Now, Brown Cow

.. … before they deem you moonjumper, Bessie, milk maiden; barter you for magic beans. bare your herbivorous teeth, girl; peal your glorious copper bell, tell the sky your spotted story. raise your head high and bay at that old … Continue reading

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How the whole thing just sorta kinda went to hell

… It was a Tuesday. She remembers that distinctly, because the garbage men bore witness. She was in the kitchen making coffee when he came in. He said her name, and for the first time it sounded like a curse … Continue reading

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