snuffle clopping

(a focus plan for circle time)


noisy words
sound heard
when an ovine opines

(clop. echo. snuffle.) –
cold words running after my hat.

thinking briefly
at the hobbit’s pockets,
the moon chaser minotaur,
extremely good at getting
(snuffle root, snuffle root)
quick draw mcgraws
the english

equestrian onomatopoeia
has teeth,
but lies faint on the
caw coo crinkle drum drone drawl
and panda bomb swoosh stories.

beautiful beast,
this devil princess
(married to the sea)
knows her own figure
……………….of speech.



Tooooo much fun. This was day 4 of PoMoSco, as prompted to me by Margo.
My randomly generated phrase was my title: snuffle clomping. Then, after typing it into the search engine, the rest of the poem is made up entirely of lines, words and phrases found in the titles and quick descriptions of sites that came up. 😉


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4 Responses to snuffle clopping

  1. I love “snuffle clomping.” And panda bomb swoosh sotries.

  2. margo roby says:

    Oh lord, this is a hoot. I giggle just thinking about it.

    • whimsygizmo says:

      I cannot even begin to tell you how delighted I was when “a focus plan for circle time” popped up on the 3rd page of website descriptions. 😉 I think I might have actually gone “Squeeeee!”

  3. Olivia Jade says:

    “quick draw mcgraws
    the english

    I love that.

    And this is so you:
    “beautiful beast,
    this devil princess
    (married to the sea)
    knows her own figure
    ……………….of speech.”

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