Cross my heart

with kisses,
stitches, tiny bridges
made of clay. trek across
these broken places. wear
comfortable shoes and fast
-en your seatbelt. pinky-swear
on your mother’s name, the sins
of your father, your own small sword.
leave the light on when you slam the door,
and before you go, give me
your word.


April PAD, day 14.


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3 Responses to Cross my heart

  1. Kir Piccini says:

    Pinky swears are my favorite and (should be) unbreakable.

  2. Yes, with kisses and everything else! And the word too – that’s important!

  3. Lily says:

    Oh how I love this.

    First of all, your title is a bra. 😛 But you’ve only capitalized “Cross” so it’s obviously about your deep need for Christ.

    “swear in your seatbelt” … clever
    “leave the light on when you slam the door” … Your greatest fear is that He will give up on you.
    “before you go, give me your word” … You’re clinging to scripture, even though you’re afraid it’s too late for. God has just had enough of your lukewarmness.

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