stress, unstress


hold me close, now, tiny stanza,
the dactyls and trochees are coming
and i’ve nothing but a quill
and a song. don’t we belong

to each other? if i refrain
from stepping on your feet,
will you buy me a ticket
for the quatrain? let’s fade

away into this sunburned sky,
just you and i (and maybe
one small spondee…they’re
cute, and they don’t eat much.)


today, napowrimo encourages us to address the poem.


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3 Responses to stress, unstress

  1. Oh, the Elton John of it all!! That first line is a knockout, babe. A great prompt and a perfect answer, as you coax another bit of wonder from mere words… xo Amy

  2. I’m imagining you leaving on the next train with your poem parts! Very creative!

  3. Kir Piccini says:

    Creative and lyrical….sigh.

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