The Science of Stars


Who hasn’t wished
on these intricate faces,
facets set in ebony by
inertia and our own
longing for constellation
-esque order? Who hasn’t

held a sky in their chest,
pressed down their own
atmosphere for fear of
drowning? Who hasn’t

gathered the graffiti of
loss, made origami of
their origin stories,
pressed a butterfly down
to the page to breathe
the fluttered stitches of
its flight? Who

hasn’t caught sight of
the earth’s rotation,
the tattered tilt of heart
(atrium, ventricle, blood)
break, the polarity of
prison bars and promise?

Who has not lozenged the
sun into some bright taste
-bud shine, begged the
moon for its mirror?



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4 Responses to The Science of Stars

  1. I love the language in this one. The graffiti of loss, origami of origin stories, fluttered stitched of flight, tattered tilt of heart, and the best one: lozenged the sun (ouch!).

  2. drnurit says:

    Your metaphors here are breathtaking, De. Yes to every single question… Have you published a book of your poems (hopefully with a dictionary of De-Language…) If you did, please give me the information so I can become a proud owner of a copy. If not, it is a damn shame: You are a truly amazing poet!

    • whimsygizmo says:

      Thank you so much, Nurit. I have had poems published in some anthologies, but have not yet published my own. It is a goal for this year, though the admin side of it all is difficult for me. 😉

  3. Oh, yes.

    “Who hasn’t gathered the graffiti of loss … pressed a butterfly down to the page to breathe”
    “Who has not lozenged the sun”

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