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Porches for Pirates

.. You say ahoy, matey, and it doesn’t matter that Daddy’s not coming home, because here thar be pirates, and this swing be our ship. The breeze slips around us like a rum song, and I see the world for … Continue reading

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Hits you right in the feels.

(a Facebook found poem) .. It’s always a good time to paint beauty in the broken, ..first field trip, …….closing day, pennies from heaven. Wonder where she gets her um …….-brellas? Sometimes we all just have to un ……………..-learn the … Continue reading


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Swing, Shift

.. The witching hour has come again. She clocks out, loves the way the edges blur at the ink spill of mid -night, the stagger of lone headlights; the swagger of a lonely moon. There’s a man on the corner … Continue reading

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