Dearest Calliope,

I am no longer held
together by any
but my own
bright laughter.

Bring your pen, your
sacred tablets,
your love of war,
the words
that breathed
Iliad, Odyssey;
the voice that made
of your enemies.

Sing to me.

I will bundle your words
like broken sticks to carry
with me into this forest,
tinder for my heart’s last
fire, breadcrumbs
for the


PAD, day 19.
Read about the goddess Calliope here.

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6 Responses to Dearest Calliope,

  1. drpkp says:

    Yes De, you are in rhythym – a lyrical mermaid riding undulating waves of words – again and again – Beautiful and beautifully ❤

  2. drnurit says:

    Calliope and you, De — a match made in heaven (and I noticed the De in Dearest in the title…)

  3. De are st. calliope!
    It is a long way home, and I’m not sure breadcrumbs would be enough.
    I can relate to not being held together… sometimes all that’s left to do is laugh, and laughter is the best medicine, in any event. Calliope would be helpful, too, though, I suppose!

  4. Thanks for the info on Calliope! Love the feel of this poem.

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