A Mother Weeps


Suni died a little over a week ago.

That means there are only
six Northern White Rhinos
left. (The West African Black
is already gone.) Unless Sudan,
the last male, gets busy, this is
one more piece of God’s creation
my kids will
never see.

(By the way, they had
to take his horn, for his own protection.)

But apparently,
there’s a new
species of frog
that actually looks
a whole lot like Kermit,
and I’m happy about that
because it seems
it’s really not
easy being



PAD, day 22.




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4 Responses to A Mother Weeps

  1. drnurit says:

    These two — side by side — so special…

  2. Mia says:

    To me, this line stands out the most: “my kids will” It makes me think of not only your children’s futures, but the generations beyond that, “will” meaning other things, of course.

  3. billgncs says:

    and all so someone thousands of miles away can ingest a bit of the horn for a placebo effect.

  4. I just read a book to my little one about many animals that were near extinction. I don’t believe the rhino was in there – but it would have been a really long book, I’m sure, if they tried to include all of them. One was this snail – pitula snail – that has been brought to the brink all because they were trying to kill this other snail that was overpopulating the place and this other snail did eat the bad snail, but it like the pitula snail even more.
    Anyway, it’s so sad what these big animals face – they need so much land and real habitat and they need to not be hunted or wanted for the things man wants them for.
    It was really sad seeing the animals that have gone already…
    But I do love Kermit and so that is a bright spot!

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