While the World Moves


(who laugh and cry)who dream,create and kill
while the world moves;and every part stands still
-E.E. Cummings


Leave it to the trees
to ruffle through and tell
me their truths. I have been lying
here on these bright pastures
so many years, the grass has grown
around me. Leave it to the sun
to rise and fall and (come what
to call each day into its
full salute. Blow that dandelion
dust, wish upon these stars
if you must, but don’t reflect
upon this broken sky too soon.

Leave that to the moon.



NaPoWriMo, day 22.

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8 Responses to While the World Moves

  1. margo roby says:

    Lordy, I do love this.

  2. gh0stpupp3t says:

    *claps* Excellent!

  3. Marie Elena says:

    *sigh* … lovely in sound and image and and and …

  4. Mia says:

    Leave it to the trees” … Ha! So clever. 🙂

    I love the way your title feeds into the first line of the quote, changing the meaning of the word “moves”: “while the world moves who laugh and cry …” Poets are often most moved by nature. And those who “laugh and cry” (those who feel and emote) are more likely to be poets.

    Have you ever noticed that his odd punctuation and spacing creates new words and meanings?

    For example:

    “… who laugh and cry who/hoo (these are the people who ask questions, and also the people who are wise, and also the people who are nocturnal)

    “… who dream-create”

    “while the world moves sand” (time, perhaps) … The poets and artists dream-create while the rest of the folks worry about the hourglass and doing endless, unrewarding tasks. Also, those who move others are also moved (by the earth). And then there’s the fact that in the moving things can stand still. Perhaps when the earth and its activities are captured by poets and artists, then their fragments can become still-life.

    “I have been lying me their truths.” … We do lie to ourselves, don’t we? Even about what we believe to be truth.

    “bright pastures” … I always read “bright” as meaning smart. So these are fields of intellect, if you ask me.

    “The grass has grown so many years.” Love that image … years growing out of grass. But it’s up to us to pluck them, isn’t it? Or is it better not to so that they can keep growing? If we pick them, they’ll die. If we just let them do their natural thing, they’ll count for something and keep being beautiful.

    “around me. Leave it to the sun” This makes me think of feeling “round” after having a son. 😉

    Is a “come-what” a cousin to a kumquat?

    “to call each day into its May” Oh yes! Make each day an end-of-spring extravaganza of warmth and beauty. Fantastic!

    “Blow that dandelion-fool. Salud!” Let’s start saying “salud” when we making dandelion wishes; we should be wishing for our health, shouldn’t we?

    “Wish upon these stars’ dust” Love

    “But don’t reflect” Amen. We do it way too much, sometimes. Just enjoy and stop thinking everything to death, folks.

  5. “ruffle through and tell me their truths” – I love this phrasing and I was imagining them gossiping to the narrator, who must be, I suspect, a big granite rock, while the world moves.

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