Ancient of Days



This sky knows all my stories.

What I am
and what I am,

hard rain


pop and wind
-ensembled stranger things

heavy circles
and quiet


good times electric
-city and candle light.

Awesome words from my Shawna.

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5 Responses to Ancient of Days

  1. billgncs says:

    and playfully unique

  2. Shawna says:

    “bohemian hard rain” Oh my gosh, I love that phrase! I’m going to use that next time it rains!

    I also like the “knot,” which to me says, “God knows who I am and what I’m tied to (good or bad).” Ancient of Days is a name for God, in case someone doesn’t know. (It’s also the name of a worship song, which is why you made it your title.)

    You squeezed in a little Jane Austen, which is awesome. (Sense and Sensibility)

    “Pop and wind” cracks me up because in our house, “pop” is the word used for passing gas. 🙂

    “heavy circles and quiet squares” Somehow, I feel like both of these all the time, among other things. Ooh, you hid a little “square sun” in there!

    “un-volcanoed” Wow. That’s powerful. I would like to un-volcano just about every day. This speaks volumes to people with anger problems. 🙂

    Love the last couplet!

  3. Grace Black says:

    Oh, love this one. So much vivid imagery, well done!

  4. Sense I-bility!
    “ensembled stranger things” I also like the use of “knot.”

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