Kamikaze Chernobyl


Ah, History.
Such a sinister way you have
of murdering the innocence
of words.

used to be the Egyptian goddess
of rebirth
(and the name of the cute lab
on Downton Abbey).

was a lovely, peaceful white and purple flower.

Kool-Aid. Plantation. Iceberg.
The Boston Marathon.

Names like Katrina and Andrew.

Places like
Oklahoma City, Waco,
Salem, Vietnam.

Seemingly harmless word
combinations like
grassy and knoll,
oil and spill,
concentration and

The numbers 9 and 11.

They’ll never add up
the same way again.


PAD, day 23.

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4 Responses to Kamikaze Chernobyl

  1. So true. Columbine is one of my favorite flowers, though now it does always bring up that horrible event. And all the other phrases here… so sad the heavy meanings they pick up.

  2. Jean says:

    This is over-the-top amazing, De. Publish this everywhere you can, immediately! Really, this is one of your finest pieces.

  3. DBC says:

    Incredible. I’m amazed at how you wield your words. There’s so much finesse. Simple, gripping, profound. Thank you for writing this.

  4. Grace Black says:

    Loved this! Spot on how a single word can be transmuted and hold a weight we’d rather have never known.

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