I Tried to Do it with One I

(overheard at the eye doc)


I left a message yesterday.
(What’s the number? Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Hum.)
Can you spell it?

I’m just gonna touch
right behind your ears.
Halo effect. Blood. Pressure.
Nasty little creeps.
Chin up. He knows I’m crazy.

How’s your distance?
Oh, I see. Nothing.
Well, it’s all over

What’s holding
for me? The point spread’s close(d),
ringside seats, reflective
and some

Go ahead and have a sea.

Preauthorization pending.



Backtracking to PoMoSco day 5, with Margo.

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5 Responses to I Tried to Do it with One I

  1. margo roby says:

    ‘nasty little creeps’ — we need to bring creeps back into the language. Such an evocative word, but not used much anymore. Creepy, yes, but I like ‘creeps’ the verb.

  2. “and some
    solution” Ha! (I wear contacts too.)

    I love the way you dropped the “t” from “seat” … you rule.

  3. Marie Elena says:

    I love it! And yes, you rule. 😀

  4. Always that “preauthorization pending.” This reminds me that I need to go to the eye doctor. He never remembers me. Last time I went they charged me $10 extra because they thought I was a new customer. I wanted to tell him the details of the conversation we had one year ago just to prove I had been there. No file on me though. I didn’t exist. Oh well.
    I like “oh , I see nothing.” That’s what I feel like saying when they switch the lenses. And then they try to make you say which one is better and they always feel kind of the same and it’s like being forced to pick a favorite when you don’t have one!

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