Sevenling (Septem Maria)

We are seven sacred spills
steeped in moonshine,
sorrow, salt.

You swim,
you sail,
you soil our skin.

We beg your mercy, wait for sirens.




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2 Responses to Sevenling (Septem Maria)

  1. Love the alliteration here, and the moonshine!

  2. Jean says:

    I’m doing a search for “Septem Maria” but I accidentally spelling it as “Septum.” I’m getting some very interesting research leads from that.

    Anyway, back to the poem.

    “Traveled the world and the seven seas.” Okay, I get it.

    “Siren” is the best homophone.

    The sea having skin. If anything has thin skin, it’s the ocean. I mean, you can dive right into her; she can’t protect herself at all. She can, however, swallow you right up. You may never escape her, in fact. I love this image.

    Those who have violated her are surely going to pay. This is sublime, De.

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