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Oh, Pen Heart

.. Quill me, quell me, cast your spell. Me -ander me through storm and strum. Tell me, till me, whim and will me, uncage heart and spill its thrum. Assemble me from ink within, and tremble me across your skin. … Continue reading

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Lackluster Buzz

.. We mimic the moon, be -smirch her blushing face with gossip and a hurried rant of whim and wax and wane. We label stars, to name the countless critics we can’t touch; champion the sun to lower its deafening … Continue reading

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I Say Sunrise

… So don’t talk of thou -sand of hungry, Don’t harvest never -the less of learning. Only wor(l)dly phrasing is a crowd. Do you know things? ……….Keep them ……………….telling. . following Margo over to PoMoSco, day 26. A column-inch poem … Continue reading


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Impartial Gust

(a Shakespearean sonnet)   . A bloodstained bandit breeze dwindles the dawn, arouses barefaced sun to blushing rise. A gloomy, frugal courtship panders on, as noiseless skysongs tease these jaded skies. Last night, the tranquil skim milk moonbeams spilled, forgot … Continue reading

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Moon Passage

… The sky is falling, and she’s nothing but a shiver, a silver sliver broken in a milky mirror sea. These cold sand -papered shores have raked …………………………her raw. She knows an ocean’s spilled between them; grabs a straw.   … Continue reading

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