Impartial Gust

(a Shakespearean sonnet)



A bloodstained bandit breeze dwindles the dawn,
arouses barefaced sun to blushing rise.
A gloomy, frugal courtship panders on,
as noiseless skysongs tease these jaded skies.

Last night, the tranquil skim milk moonbeams spilled,
forgot their green-eyed gossip for awhile,
brought forth a hint of lustrous starstain willed
of madcap bedroom eyes and swaggered smile.

The day’s a bump of blanket discontent
a summit of our gnarled and groveled gain.
But much to our majestic amazement,
life’s scuffle-sorted luggage bears our name.

O, let’s undress these storms of savag’ry,
and hobnob with this pretty-vaulting sea.


PAD, day 26.




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9 Responses to Impartial Gust

  1. PSC says:

    I’m green-eyed with envy. You are dauntless. (And one day your list of De-generated-words may well rival Will’s!) 😉 Beautiful work, lady!

  2. Oh! I love all of these words and how you wove them. They give me a smile.

  3. How in the world you do it, I’ll never know.

  4. These images and the form are amazing!

  5. Marie Elena says:

    Love. Love. Love. Especially your couplet. LOVE.

  6. Jean says:

    The first stanza is my favorite. I feel like I got a sneak-peek at something celestial and naughty!

    This has me grinning: “arouses barefaced sun to blushing rise”

  7. drpkp says:

    Delightful – hobnobbing with the sea!

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