Lackluster Buzz


We mimic the moon, be
-smirch her blushing face
with gossip and a hurried rant
of whim and wax and wane.

We label stars, to name
the countless critics we
can’t touch; champion the
sun to lower its deafening shine.

Elbow your own cold
-blooded words into flawed phrase.
These stirred and
Shake-n swells are mine.


Still playing around with some of the Bard’s shards of phrase.

Click here for a link to some words coined by Shakespeare.

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2 Responses to Lackluster Buzz

  1. Jean says:

    Yeah, drinking doesn’t really do anyone any good. At least not their mouths. There is such a thing as free-speech that is too free. I’d say this person has some regrets over allowing the tongue to flap so loosely.

  2. I saw this as being more about not being interested in all that society is interested in – labeling, marketing, selling everything! Making drama everywhere. Trying to reign mother nature for our own convenience (not survival). “flawed phrase” being what they end up with. Not really appreciating the natural word.

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