Moon Passage

The sky is falling,

and she’s nothing but a shiver,
a silver sliver broken
in a milky mirror sea.

These cold sand
-papered shores have raked
…………………………her raw.

She knows an ocean’s spilled
between them; grabs a straw.



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3 Responses to Moon Passage

  1. That raked raw is quite an image. And then “grabs a straw” – way to hang in there!

  2. Jean says:

    Moon Passage makes me think the moon has died, or it seems like it, anyway, because it just isn’t showing up anymore. And with the moon dead and/or gone, the sky is feeling very lonely.

    I love picturing the sky as milky and still mirror-like. If you want to see yourself, look at the sky for a while. In other words, slow down, spend time with nature, and meditate.

    Papered shores. I love that. The edge of the sky-sea is paper. To be sand, it would have to be shredded. The sky has ripped up the letters from the moon, maybe. And the way you left “raked” hanging like that makes me think he was a “rake” in the way he treated her. It sounds like he was a scoundrel, and it left her raw. Nevertheless, she’s trying to close the gap between them. Isn’t that exactly how women are???

    • Jean says:

      Oh, but if he died, then maybe closing the gap means she’s going to kill herself. Then they’ll both be missing. Can you imagine a world without a moon or a sky? Just nothing at all up there?

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