If we lived it backwards, would it fall the same?

(a palindrome poem)



Dammit, I’m mad.

We few,
we panic in a pew.
(Red rum, sir, is murder.)

bird rib.
Evil olive.
Gift fig.
(No lemons, no melon.)


name now one man.

Oh, who was it I saw? Oh, who?
Was it a rat I saw?

Draw, O coward –
never odd or even,
never a foot too far, even.
Pull up if I pull up.

(Now, I won.)

Won’t lovers revolt now?

I prefer pi.
Sex at noon. Taxes.
O, stone, be not so.


Are we not drawn on to new era?
…………………………(Don’t nod.)

Do geese see God?




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4 Responses to If we lived it backwards, would it fall the same?

  1. Jean says:

    I checked every one. You just blew my mind. I love you to pieces.

    • whimsygizmo says:

      I must confess, this is a bit of a “found” poem, just assembled by me. There are many websites that offer “palindrome sentences”. 😉 It’s super fun to go through them all, though, and find the ones that actually make sense. Some of them are ridiculous. Google immediately. 😉

  2. Sex at noon. Taxes. – is the most hilarious one! As I try to think about how those two things would ever go together!

    • whimsygizmo says:

      The funniest thing is that it appeared this way on the palindrome list:
      Sex at noon taxes. (as in, taxes as a verb.) LOL.
      I put the period in because it cracked.me.up. Like these things are inevitable. Instead of death, sex. 😉

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