More ‘Looking Back’ Poems

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Aching Backwards in a Deep Blue Sea
Oh, I believe in yesterday. – The Beatles

The backstroke be
-comes her, be
-lies the waiting sharks
and tentacled stings
of truth. She’s proof
that forever has its
and sway.

glancing over her shoulder at the empty castle

……………………………..she slays her dragons
…………………………………………….backwards, cuts
………her hair.


The Inevitable Efficiency of Hindsight

Give her a shattered rearview
mirror any day, a way
to forget.

Hello, her name is regret –
here to stay,
no forwarding



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4 Responses to More ‘Looking Back’ Poems

  1. ihatepoetry says:

    Three great images, perfectly succinct and captured. Great writing DeJackson!

  2. Jean says:

    Love that middle one. So true; we work it all out by changing our hair. Also, I love the subtle mentioning of cutting (as in skin), only, doing it backwards (in other words, uncutting ourselves OR letting ourselves heal).

    I love that the tiny hanging comma, suspended in air all alone like that, looks like a short curl of hair.

  3. I love all of these. The backstroke – ouch. And the cutting of the hair – yes!
    The third one had me in the mind of the movie “The Millers” where the guy had the tattoo with “no ragrets” 🙂

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