The Chicanery of Toes


Did you know they’ve got an agenda of
their own? They’d rather be stubbed

than snubbed. They want to wiggle and
giggle and go squish in the mud, rub

footsie with perhaps someone completely
inappropriate. They want to be painted a

bright obnoxious shade of purple, regard
-less of gender. They even long to bend

around the edge of fear, stare it in the
watery face and dive, then slip into un

-familiar shoes and trompse 500 miles. Let
’em smile at the sun. Let them wonky-waltz

the grass under a toenail moon. Let ’em
breathe, believe, strum the breeze with

their air guitars, an unshaven hairband of
little pigs finally going somewhere, and soon.





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7 Responses to The Chicanery of Toes

  1. Jean says:

    This is awesome!

    Yes. Barefoot, as much as possible.

    I absolutely adore “purple regard.” Then “wonky-waltz” and “toenail moon” come in second and third. Your brain makes life worth living. 😉

  2. ihatepoetry says:

    Too freaky cute for your own good – referring to the poem and you!

  3. whimsygizmo says:

    Thanks, ya’ll. 😉

  4. So they want freedom and rights too 🙂 One off to market, one pigging out, and one crying its eyes out!
    And is it possible that there is an obnoxious shade of purple? Not to my eyes 🙂 green, yellow, orange, yes. But it’s impossible to go wrong with purple!!
    “unshaven hairband” ha!
    “slip into un” !

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