kamikaze girl & the white dragon


order a
tornado hand grenade moon;
light the orange box.

roll a soft happy over the
fly on top of the

caterpillar in a crazy
love volcano, carry a ginger
penny on a butterfly.

carry the sweet sea;
weed the rainbow.

stone the salmon;
skin and sake in
a spicy holiday.

wasabi-dream a den,
…………………….go in.

Following Margo over to Pomosco, day 30, where we’re challenged to write a poem using only the words on a restaurant menu. I wish I could say I had/made time to go out for sushi today, but Thursday’s my busy day, so an online menu had to suffice. I picked sushi because I looooove the names of some of the rolls. This one wasn’t quite as “colorful” as the place we usually go, but there were still some fun words to play with. A serious lack of prepositions and verbs, however. I had to cheat a little, with some semi-colon action (I used hyphens at first, but it was hard to read it correctly.) If you haven’t done this sort of poem before, the challenge is a ton of fun, and stretches the muse. šŸ™‚
Here’s the menu I used:Ā Ā 

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4 Responses to kamikaze girl & the white dragon

  1. Well, I was thinking this was the Paper Bag Princess following some dragon magic!

  2. margo roby says:

    Seeing the Challenge out with us, lovely! This prompt was a lot more fun than I expected. Can’t wait to see what Jenni comes up with next year.

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