Double Dippin’

(for Frances)



My friend Frances works the door
with a mega-watt smile.
She’s got a hug that I adore,
my friend Frances who works the door
(and sometimes I come back for more.)
Shining Jesus is her style,
my friend Frances who works the door
with her mega-watt smile.




Every Saturday evening, after I play with the 3 and 4 year olds for awhile and head into “big church,” my amazing friend Frances is there at the door with a hug that’ll make your week, and a smile that lights the whole hallway. Sometimes, when I have to pee, I stop for a hug, and then hit the restroom, and then steal another hug on my way into church. Her hugs are like fuel for a worn-out soul, God’s grace in earthly skin. She quietly, lovingly, selflessly just ROCKS.

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3 Responses to Double Dippin’

  1. Marie Elena says:

    She sounds lovely, De! How sweet that you wrote of her. I hope she knows.

  2. Candy says:

    I can just feel the love

  3. This is so great – “a mega-watt smile” — it does much for the heart, doesn’t it? What a wonderful ode!

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