Contemplating Murder

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prompt and awesome visual from over at mindlovemisery.

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7 Responses to Contemplating Murder

  1. barbcrary says:

    I love this double meaning of the word murder and the idea of “a murder of crows.” Well done.

  2. julespaige says:

    A good beginning to a flash folly of fiction?
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Grace Black says:

    Awesome write!

  4. This one could be about depression and the darkness that won’t leave you alone. The one that comes closest on your shoulder and won’t leave your brain alone. “tiny white words” – I love that description.
    And it fits well with the picture as well! What an eerie one!

  5. Shawna says:

    I’m really enjoying your screen captures! This method is so visually appealing.

    What I find most interesting about this poem is that the “murder of crows” word play jumped out immediately and tainted my reading, drawing me into the story about birds. But it’s almost like that particular layer was intended to be a distraction. I think this is really a poem about race (or chess). It’s also about a girl who feels helpless and tormented by men. She sees herself as “dark” inside, but these dudes are WAY more dangerous than she is. I’m picturing her having gotten herself into a bad scene with drugs or prostitution maybe. Or perhaps she, herself, was sold/kidnapped and is being forced to do all kinds of horrible things. I think she’s dead now, though. I think she’s contemplating her own murder … the day it happened. This is how a ghost would think, I think. All blurry and confusing.

    Have you ever noticed that almost all of “demure” is inside of “murder”? Demure Murder. That would be an interesting title. You see? I told you I could write a book of book titles. 🙂

    Also in the title, I see Con-Templating. Con-Time-Plating. Con-Temp-(E)lating. Contemplating Mother. I see Bates Motel in this, and I also see Twilight (the scene in which Bella is almost attacked by those sketchy dudes (in the second book, I think).

    I also see some sort of religious scenario, in which the robed ones are doing something awful to the, perhaps, derobed ones.

    Or maybe a bunch of kidnapped girls are afraid they’re going to get killed, and they’re all crying to this one girl who seems like the mother hen or the one who’s strong enough to withstand the torment.

    I could go on FOREVER doing this. But I have to put the baby to bed. 🙂

  6. ihatepoetry says:

    I loved this, I love crows… great write, lady.

  7. Misky says:

    Deliciously dark!

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