post-it poems

(when life gives you citrus fruit)


Screenshot 2015-05-06 12.09.50

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10 Responses to post-it poems

  1. Kir Piccini says:

    I do love when your words come to play.

  2. Mint limeade does not sound bad! And I know how you love “un.”

  3. Opal Onyx says:

    EXCELLENT. I’m crazy about what you did with the title. You make it sound like all you have time for is a quick poem on a Post-It note. But I think what you’re secretly saying is that you’re feeling post-IT. You know, like you once felt like you had that IT factor. But now you’re on the other side of it. So you’re making your own UN instead. And OMG, isn’t UN so much better (and more freeing) than IT? Love this. Did you find this yet? I won’t add posts; just the one “bio” post.

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