Words, Led

(an American sentence poem)


Trite miles past,
our spirit words cast
spell, aim, sigh,
scorch mind, chime,

…………..maybe land.


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9 Responses to Words, Led

  1. Wow! In so few words and you nailed it =)

    I got this Wordle challenge from the Sunday Whirl I am going back through the old challenges and doing them because well I love wordles haha I host a Wordle Challenge at MLMM but I don’t host at The Sunday Whirl

    Keep sharing with me if you do more of them though =) I want to try to do them all and there are a lot so it will keep me busy

  2. Shawna says:


    Especially the “word sled” in the title, these two lines together: “our spirit words cast
    spell, aim, sigh,” and this line on its own: “scorch mind, chime.”

  3. Scorch mind, sigh/maybe land. You are amazing! Wordles speak to the wordplay inside us, and this one, this handful of words out of which you conjure sense, tells us what a marvelous poet you are, De. Thanks so much for the link, too. Amy

  4. PS the title blew me away. Again, it’s seeing the bones of language.

  5. I could read this one while staring up at the clouds. I love its rhythm. “maybe land” — just maybe.

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