The Upstairs Girlfriend Chronicles


This morning, chuffed
and sharp cuffed, heart linked
to the rising sun, he is smug
-gler of coffee and cronuts,
contraband worthy of its
brown cardboard wrapping.

Swirl the milky cream into
its depths, clearing your
mind of all common sense,
inhale the steam rising;
you might just find your



Playin’ on a new prompt site this morning, Jeremy’s daily challenge.
Thanks to Shawna for sending me the link awhile back. 🙂




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4 Responses to The Upstairs Girlfriend Chronicles

  1. Now this is an ode to coffee! I like the word “chuffed.” As well as heart linked to the rising sun.

  2. Opal Onyx says:

    I’m picturing this as being about your husband having breakfast while you’re secretly watching (and swooning). I suppose this only works if you have a two-story house, which I do. 😛 Every wife should still feel like her husband’s girlfriend.

    “heart linked
    to the rising sun” I love the way you sneak in the fact that it’s hella sexy to be married to a Christian man.

    What the “hey” are cronuts?!

    “Swirl the milky cream into
    its depths” Love. 🙂

    “inhale the steam rising;
    you might just find your
    stirred” Love love.

    Now where is Chapter 2?! Don’t leave us hangin’. 😉

    • whimsygizmo says:

      Clever girl. 🙂 We do live in a two-story. 😉
      I was also thinking of a dual story…apartment people…not nearly as happy of an ending.

      “Cronuts” are new here in Nevada (at least to me). Donuts made out of crescent rolls. I think they look gross, but the name fit.

  3. Jez Farmer says:

    Well I never thought I would see croissants made into donuts get a place in a poem. Well done.

    Thanks for joining the challenge with a great write


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