Holding Court on the Gangway

Screenshot 2015-05-18 09.27.13


wordled for mindlovemisery.

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8 Responses to Holding Court on the Gangway

  1. I love “from Point A to be.” And then “C us” sneaks in there. You are so clever!

    This is my favorite part: “The all-aquiver way we saunter in, begin to say what we mean, and then slink out, sigh-lent.”

  2. julespaige says:

    And this is exactly why I don’t belong to any committees any more. 😉
    All that saunter, slush, mush-mouth, air
    -d kissing. (yep most is D minus).
    If anything ever got solved in a committee – that would be a surprise!

    Thanks for stopping by the latest ‘Sheila’.

  3. tsdwords says:

    You always make me so happy. I’m meshing my hands with gold smudged sun–prevalent shrinkage….you are brilliant!

  4. DELL CLOVER says:

    Very clever indeed–well done.

  5. C.C. says:

    You are a creative genius with your double meanings and your word play…”Point A to be” for example. Love it!!

  6. Candy says:

    Ditto to all above!

  7. Susan says:

    Love it. Posing there to perform and turning to exit need not be the emptiness and predictability it seems. And yet, one wants to throw out a life line or catch one.

  8. Well, this one speaks to those who hate crowds or social situations! And the fakery they sometimes require – or the mask we feel we need to put on.

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