Loose Change

Screenshot 2015-05-19 08.52.05

prompted by margo’s tuesday tryouts.

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11 Responses to Loose Change

  1. Kir Piccini says:

    My favorite of the week (so far!) I can hear the jangle.

  2. margo roby says:

    Started amusing, ended with something that is probably true for many of us. As always, watching you structure your poems, is a treat, de.

  3. Colleen@ LOOSELEAFNOTES says:

    I think the loose change wants to be spent on writing a poem. I love the uncomfortable feeling of the last stanza as if the weight of the undone is weighing you down.

  4. mia says:

    This is exactly how I feel right now. My clothes don’t fit. I don’t fit. I feel off and wrong and worthless. Loose (loser) change is bouncing around in my head, but I just can’t take the first steps to make the change actually happen.

  5. I can taste those pennies! And I sense that this is about how hard it is to adjust to changes and deal with all the “loose change” – the small detritus of our life that someone always has to deal with. I certainly can relate to the feelings in this as well.

    • whimsygizmo says:

      I am notorious for how much I hate change. I don’t like “new.” I use/drive/have things until they literally die. Because new is not always better. And they always, always move my cheese.

  6. Love the word play… relate to the sentiment.

  7. Love the mid section and boy does that ending resonate with me. Well done, De!

  8. Mr. Walker says:

    Synchronized just right – so well!

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