Sparrow Hieroglyph


We wiggle around
the letters
(the most familiar of all wild
birds will happily
{eat} {drink} {dance to}
virtually anything)
with small, gregarious well
-marked (h)(l)eads, scratch
a hole in the page
and lie in it
(helps stiffen the tongue.)

Our buntings and de
-graded areas
(orphaned java, large roosting
aggregations, short tails)
rock doves,
orphan babies,
sparrow some semblance
of sun.

We are weavers of un-
words and worms.
We flick dirt in our canopy
cloud forest, trying to cover
up our extra


Cool word list from my Shawna.

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2 Responses to Sparrow Hieroglyph

  1. I love birds. “helps stiffen the tongue” ! The final stanza is great!

  2. Shawna says:

    I will spend more time with this later. We have to go to an awards ceremony for my first-grader this morning.

    I do love it, of course. And I’m feeling playful. So maybe there will be time to play later today. Although, I also have to take two kids to the doctor …

    I love all the parens, and parens within parens. (Always.)

    “Orphaned java” breaks my heart!!! I’ll adopt him. 🙂 And all his brothers, too!

    And I agree; let’s get rid of all the “graded areas.” The whole thing is nonsense. Could we maybe just teach?! I’m also getting tired of “covering up all the extra.” 😛

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