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2 Responses to mad-genta

  1. berri myst says:

    I also had a mad-genta morning and refused to finish getting ready for church. So I’m home with two kids, and I’m still pouting. ūüėČ

    I also love the idea of “magenta-ing our she.” Let’s definitely do that today. And go mad, in the good sort of way.

    The way you let “nanigans” hang makes me think of saying “nana-nana-boo boo” … “again.”

    Love that you pulled out “Icarus” and squeezed in “numb.” Most of us feel both pretty deeply.

    “Clandestine numb-my-phrase” (and phase) is awesome.

  2. Not quite sure what this means, but it sure is fun. ichorus I was interpreting as “I chorus” – singing for one? Or singing for one’s self. Though yes, I do get the reference to Icarus.

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