Slack Knuckles, Truculent Smile


It’s an arrangement for fools.

She is re:
verse osmosis,
cloy in her own pow
-dered sugar glaze.

He is be
-draggled tweak,
dirty jeans and pew
-ter cheek just browsing
her pillow.

Don’t hold them
responsible. Don’t let them
striate their own spill. Don’t
fill the night sky with the their
forced will or their ocean-nozzle
need. Heed the signs. Punch the
shadows, but softly. Breathe a
minute before wandering in
their prints. See that curve?

Follow it to its pa(ren)thetic
wordled for mindlovemiserysmenagerie

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2 Responses to Slack Knuckles, Truculent Smile

  1. You even get yourself in powdered sugar 😉
    Well, verse osmosis would be interesting. Just browsing her pillow 🙂
    And then of course that very clever ending – pathetic end of course!

  2. mj6969 says:

    Fantastic! Loved the way you formed this – and worded it out 🙂

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